Sensible Ways To Prepare Your Asphalt In Seal Coating Season!

Sensible Ways To Prepare Your Asphalt In Seal Coating Season!

Sealcoating is designed to make your asphalt more resistant and durable. The cleaner the surface of your asphalt, the easier it will allow adherence to surface treatments. Lucky for you, Athens-Atlanta Asphalt Co. has gained a standard in seal coating over years of expertise and a spotless track record!

To get to the point, it’s roughly 75-78°F in Roswell, GA, so the autumn is warm enough for a seal coat to protect your asphalt from the coming winters. True, it doesn’t snow much here, but the cold and reduced dew points plus humidity won’t be any kinder to your pavement and driveway, so why not treat the surface before damage?

Here are some ways you can prepare your surfaces prior to a seal coat, and we will help you through the rest!

1. Clean the Asphalt Surface:

The binder’s sticking to the old pavement surface is critical to the effectiveness of a seal coat surface treatment. Dust, oils, trash, and dampness all degrade good binder adhesion. Bring in the street sweepers, air blowers, & washers to clean away any excess dirt or sand. Have any thermoplastic pavement signage adequately removed from the asphalt. If you need to mark zones, temporary signage should be used.

2. Protect Manhole Covers:

All utility hole covers & valve boxes have to be repaired if damaged at the edges before being covered by a tarp or special plastic sheets resistant to high seal coat temperatures. Underground hazards have to be marked brightly. Contractors utilize reference marks, stakes, and even GPS to track all covers if the seal-coat project is large scale. 

3. Seal Away the Cracks:

We recommend filling in cracks wider than 1/4-inch to be packed with sand and then leveled with a crack filler. Leave that to cure, then apply the seal coat. As paving contractors, we recommend taking a rain check on the weather before any crack sealing plans. Check to ensure no rain is expected during the sealcoating process and for at least 24 hours after.

4. Carry Out Patching Repairs: 

The usual method is hot mix asphalt repair. Cold patching is a strict no, especially with current temperatures in Roswell, as seal coating over such a colloidal material can cause soft spots in the pavement, leading to ruts. Rule of thumb: never forget to roller compact your asphalt after a patch job.

5. Leveling Your Asphalt: 

Seal Coats are, after all, watery emulsions and can pool in ruts and depressions to make a sticky mess as vehicles pass over. If it’s a chip seal, the chips get submerged in the asphalt pooling into the ruts, creating a slip hazard. The best course of action is to employ blade patching or mill and re-grade the surface.

Now that you have covered everything from cleaning the asphalt to grading it to a uniform surface, you can seal coat your asphalt before winters hit!

Need industrial paving? Done! Need a driveway fixed? Done! Need a parking lot patched? On it! Athens-Atlanta Asphalt Co., your triple-A friends, is your go-to expert for everything asphalt in Roswell, GA. Please do not hesitate to contact us for free estimates on our numerous services, and if you need pre-seal coating repairs done properly, we assure you, you have come to the right place!