Saved By The Teeth: The Etiquettes Of Concrete Saw Cutting

Saved By The Teeth: The Etiquettes Of Concrete Saw Cutting

Construction and pavement installation companies utilize various types of heavy equipment, including concrete saws. Suppose you require concrete cutting for pavement remediation, access to an underground utility through a concrete pavement, or even for repairs. In that case, you must exercise caution and follow proper procedures while using a concrete saw. The professionals at Athens-Atlanta Asphalt Co., Inc. in Kennesaw, GA, want to share some critical etiquettes of using concrete saws so that you can safely use them.

1. Wear Protective Gear at All Times

Safety glasses, masks, ventilators, rubber boots, and earplugs are your gear for the day. Don’t skip out on the worker’s overalls, either. Concrete cutting generates a lot of dust, so you should protect your respiratory system from breathing in harmful particles.

2. Don’t be Hasty

It takes time to cut through concrete. So, trust your training & go slow. Keep your safety gear on, and make a few shallow cuts first, rather than trying to make a single deep cut. Going too fast can damage the blade and overheat the cutting equipment. 

3. Maintain Water Feed

There are dry saws, and then there are wet saws. The wet ones require flowing water to ease the concrete cutting and mitigate the dust released into the air. Make sure the water feed is constant when you start cutting. Also, never use a dry saw blade for a wet saw machine, and vice versa. These rules aren’t meant to be tampered with.

4. Avoid Using Damaged Blades

Blades that are cracked or missing a couple of teeth are immediately discarded. Working with damaged blades is a safety risk, so always use a sharp and intact blade. Never forget to get the blade guard down after you have replaced the damaged blade.

5. Keep the Work Area Ventilated

Concrete saws are no joke when it comes to powering them. Most saws run on gas, meaning there will be fumes, smoke, and carbon monoxide. All that, in addition to the dust, is a respiratory hazard with potentially severe consequences. Keep the cutting site well ventilated to avoid getting air chock full of harmful contaminants.

6. Ensure Proper Operating Form

You must have guessed by now that concrete cutters are not your average saw and are heavy machines. While there is no mount to work a saw with, there is always good form. Protect your limbs and maintain a steady stance when using the saw. If the space is cramped, a back harness can be utilized.

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