You can extend your pavement’s life by availing our specially formulated asphalt emulsion sealcoating material. At Athens-Atlanta, we repair all minor cracks and spillovers by applying a layer of specially formulated asphalt emulsion coating over your pavement. This sealcoating protects your pavement from harmful external elements such as sunlight, UV rays, and oil spills.

Most of our customers choose our sealcoating service to extend their pavement’s lifespan and safeguard their investment. We recommend applying sealcoating once every two years to get the best results and ensure your pavement is capable of withstanding the harsh climatic conditions. Sealcoating application also makes it easier to clean and maintain the pavement as spills and leaks are not visible any longer.

The professionals at Athens-Atlanta utilize the latest sealcoating equipment and techniques to offer top-of-the-line services. You can see the results for yourself by contacting our team to schedule a sealcoating job for your asphalt pavement.