Asphalt Repair (Large)

When an asphalt pavement deteriorates significantly, showing large cracks and missing chunks, it requires major repairs. We treat such a situation distinctly from routine maintenance. Overlaying large deteriorating and cracked pavement areas using a one-inch lift or a state-of-the-art asphalt pavement mix is called Perma-Flex. We use this unique mix to bridge all cracks and to restore the original look of your pavement.

The professionals at Athens-Asphalt work with the utmost commitment to enhance your pavement’s strength and make it more durable for the challenges that lie ahead. Many large-scale repair jobs utilize our Perma-Flex treatment facility for its significant benefits, revamping the entire look of the pavement. The nature of the mixed asphalt, combined with our staff’s skill, means that the Perma-Flex solution is ideal for repairing large chunks of cracked or deteriorating pavement.

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