How To Hire The Right Pavement Contractor For Asphalt Repairs?

How To Hire The Right Pavement Contractor For Asphalt Repairs?

Each morning is just lovely on your Duluth driveway – not the freezing Minnesota one, the one in Georgia. We still have a tricky paving window for hot mix asphalt while the cold mix is open season. However, if you have a driveway that you think needs fixing at the dawn of the New Year, you must be budgeting by now and probably hunting for a capable paving contractor.

Now, what makes for an ideal paving contractor? If this is your first time looking for a contractor, how will you tell apart the real deal like Athens-Atlanta Asphalt Co, Inc. from the phony one? Well, it’s time to put forth your questions to a paving contractor before hiring them.

Are They a Local Company?

If the contractor is local, they would have experience paving asphalt suited to the location’s climate & are familiar with local material sourcing. The contractor will also have a local portfolio showcasing their progress and resident referrals to validate their legitimacy. They will indeed have an online presence, reviews, and ideally, a BBB accreditation.

License? Insurance? Finance?

If the contractor is licensed, have it verified by local authorities. Ensure the contractor is insured against construction/paving site accidents. If they aren’t, you better get them to sign a lien waiver to protect your assets. The payment terms should be standard as prevalent in the industry. Know that you are about to get scammed if you are asked for an advance halfway into the paving.

Do They Offer Detailed Quotes?

Legitimate contractors take the time to provide you with a proper bid proposal where materials, labor, overheads & misc. costs are listed. They also provide you with the cost per unit area of paving, the pavement thickness, materials on offer, and a project schedule. If they subcontract a paving process, they will let you know.

Do They Legally Document Contract Jobs?

It’s odd, but sometimes a contractor just turns up at your door and offers to fix your driveway based on a ‘handshake deal;’ never agree to it unless the paving company has documentation and validation. Chances are, you are being targeted for a scam. Nevertheless, always push for documentation of all business transactions.

Warranties & Conditions?

For this, you may need to understand a few things about asphalt. Firstly, asphalt paving and seal coating is ideal at 55F and above. You do not pave hot asphalt in winter. You use cold mix asphalt. Secondly, only seal coat your asphalt if at least six months have passed since it was installed. Thirdly, don’t have your asphalt cracks filled with a seal coat if they are pretty broad. Insist on a rubberized filler.

Armed with this knowledge, if a paving contractor offers you a warranty provided you have your asphalt seal coated right after paving, decline. If they give a warranty, provided you let them patch potholes using HMA in winter, decline.

Athens-Atlanta Asphalt Co, Inc. has been in the paving business for several years; we never compromise on delivering quality to our esteemed clients in Duluth, GA.

If you desire a driveway resurfacing, get in touch with us, and we will help you plan for the perfect paving project come spring. We provide free quotations for our services.