About Us

The brainchild of Danny Wood, Athens Atlanta Asphalt, reflects its founder’s genuine passion for construction. Established from humble beginnings, we’ve emerged as a leading construction company in the Atlanta area, thanks to years of hard work and unwavering support from the customers. We’ve worked on numerous projects since our establishment in 1978, and it wasn’t long before our reputation for offering premium paving services started spreading rapidly. Our growing reputation spurred company growth, as our projects listing started proliferating.

Danny Wood is very engaged in all projects, leading all activities from groundwork to paperwork. Our team at Athens Atlanta Asphalt has decades of experience; we utilize our vast knowledge, impeccable skills, and professionalism to provide our customers with world-class paving services. The high-quality, cost-effective work, and exceptional customer service, keep our customers coming back.

At Athens Atlanta Asphalt, we take pride in hiring the best talent from the region and training them to use the latest machinery and paving techniques. Regardless of size, we complete all projects with the same dedication and commitment, ensuring that our customers are delighted with the results.