7 Signs Your Concrete Patio Is Begging For Some TLC

7 Signs Your Concrete Patio Is Begging For Some TLC

You may not realize it, but your concrete patio in Norcross, GA, maybe begging for your attention. The concrete paving experts at Athens Atlanta Asphalt Co., Inc. share seven signs that tell you when it might be time for some TLC from a professional contractor.

1. Your patio has a lot of cracks

The color is fading from your surface. It’s been years since you last repaired your patio or driveway. If any of these signs sound familiar, it may be time to get some help with improving your concrete patio. Several problems could cause cracking on your deck. Cracks appear over time due to weathering or cold temperatures. If they start small but continue spreading, this can signify that moisture is entering the concrete and causing it to expand.

2. The surface looks rough and uneven

Check the surface of your concrete patio. If it looks rough and uneven, this is a sign that it has begun to deteriorate. There may be several factors at play, such as weathering or age. If you are unsure what to do, you should consult with Athens Atlanta Asphalt Co., Inc.

3. Water is pooling on your patio

If you notice pools of water sitting on the surface, then it’s time to restore it. Water pooling can be caused by many factors, including cracks or improperly sloped drainage.

4. The surface is flaking and chipping away

Another sign of deterioration is when the surface starts to chip and flake away. This is also called spalling. It is usually caused due to salt deposits in the concrete. But sometimes, it may also occur due to construction mistakes like too much water in the concrete mix or incorrect curing after installation.

5. Small holes have formed along the floor

If you notice small holes appearing on your concrete patio, it can be due to many reasons. One of the most common causes is termite infestation. Other causes could be fungal attacks, poor construction, or even rusting of the metal reinforcements used in the material mix.

6. The patio has sunken or shifted over time

If your concrete patio has started to sink or shift, it indicates that it needs some repair work. This is often caused by a weak soil foundation or the use of poor-quality material at the time of construction.

7. Weeds popping up in between cracks and crevices

When gaps are present that allow plants or grasses to grow through them, this is known as “vertical growth.” This is not only unattractive but also destructive – especially if you step on or try to pull out these plants.

The Gist

Have you noticed any of these signs at your home in Norcross, GA? You can do resurfacing yourself for minor repairs but will need professional services for extensive mending. You can Get a Free Quote. More information is available at Athens Atlanta Asphalt Co., Inc.