5 Ways To Lay Out A Winter Protection Plan For Your Asphalt!

5 Ways To Lay Out A Winter Protection Plan For Your Asphalt!

Winters are delightfully welcomed for their holiday spirit & the advent of a new year. Surely you must have some winter gala planned at your commercial premises, and then the guests & potlucks at your warm residences later on. Imagine the reviews & impressions if your parking lot to the main event, or the driveway to your patio, is riddled with freeze-thaw asphalt damage from periods of neglect.

Let’s not suffer the embarrassment and plan for the safety, health & survival of your pavement before winters arrive to spoil the appeals to your properties. Here are a few straightforward tips that you better add to your winter asphalt protection & maintenance plan.

1. Repair Cracks at the First Opportunity

Any asphalt damage, faults, cracks, potholes, or raveling should be your priority to have fixed under the expertise of capable asphalt repair contractors near you (We mean us!). Take time out regularly in all seasons before winter to make inspection runs across your residential & commercial asphalt pavement to schedule repairs as soon as the damage appears. Better now than later, the more damage expands, the heftier the repairs will be, and your clientele volume will suffer.

2. Prep For Crack Sealant Season

It’s a given that any asphalt treatment is almost asinine in winters, so if you have cracks to seal in your pavement in Georgia, you better start now lest the temperature drops too low for the sealant to cure. Even in this time of the year, with winters so close, you better take it to early morning to deploy the sealant, so it has the day’s warmth to dry out.

3. Use EPA Approved Deicing Agents

If your commercial parking lot is projected to have an influx of visitors this fall, then stock up on deicing salts & agents. Careful about which salts you use as they can affect ground acidity via run-off. Ensure the agents you use are approved for environmental safety. And if you have the workforce, you can lease a snow shoveler if the cover gets too heavy.

4. Keep The Asphalt Clean of Debris

The debris also includes snow and slippery stretches of ice that can land you in an ADA lawsuit if you don’t keep your asphalt clean. Be it snow or summer; your asphalt surfaces need to be free of oils, mud & rocks in order to be presentable in all seasons. The more muck your asphalt gathers, the greater the chances of winters & moisture, making it a trip hazard.

5. Schedule an Asphalt Maintenance Run with Athens-Atlanta!

Suppose you’re still doe-eyed about how to develop a winter protection plan for your asphalt. In that case, you can give us a holler here for a free estimate on our services, and we will help you through the rest of your residential and commercial property in Forest Park, GA. Not only is this the best way to gear up on tips for winter asphalt maintenance, but it also keeps your property giving off that right appeal for business!

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