5 Signs Your Asphalt Needs Replacement

5 Signs Your Asphalt Needs Replacement

Asphalt is an excellent material for asphalt driveways, parking lots, pavements, and more because it provides good traction and is relatively low-maintenance. Asphalt is made of materials like sand, stone aggregate, asphalt cement, and water. It is also designed to withstand the elements such as rain for an extended period without any damage to the surface or wearing out. However, asphalt will need replacement at some point, which means that it needs to be resurfaced with new asphalt material before it becomes unusable.

This blog post will help you identify the signs that your asphalt has reached the end of its life and should be replaced. Asphalt can last for decades, but there are a few key indicators that it may need replacement sooner than expected. If you notice any of these signs, contact your asphalt contractor as quickly as possible.

1. Alligator Cracks

A significant sign that asphalt needs replacement is when it exhibits alligator cracks. These are wide, raised sections in the asphalt where pieces of pavement stick up like an alligator’s back. When water doesn’t drain properly through these cracks, they can become even broader and deeper over time until, eventually, your asphalt goes from needing simple repairs to needing complete replacement.

Alligator cracks result from asphalt that has been damaged by water over an extended period. If you notice your asphalt is exhibiting these cracks, you may need to replace the whole pavement.

2. Shifting Cracks

Another sign of asphalt needing replacement is when one section of pavement begins to shift relative to another. You can often identify this by seeing a visible gap between sections or detecting an unevenness in riding surfaces as your vehicle moves over asphalt.

3. Drainage Problems

If asphalt is not properly drained, it can lead to asphalt failure. If the asphalt has puddles of water on top after rainfall or doesn’t drain well enough during a dry spell, these are tell-tale signs your asphalt needs replacement. As asphalt ages, it becomes more difficult for water to drain from the surface. If asphalt is too thick or was laid improperly with an inefficient slope, this could also contribute to drainage problems.

4. Raveling

As asphalt cracks, pieces of asphalt begin to break away from the surface. This is called raveling asphalt, and it is a sign that your asphalt needs replacement. Raveling asphalt can be caused by aging asphalt or improperly cured asphalt during installation. Over time, vehicles passing over these flaws in road surfaces cause them to become more prominent, so they are more visible.

5. Near the End of its Service Life

When asphalt nears the end of its service life, you may begin to notice a few key signs. Signs that asphalt is at or near the end of its life include potholes, patchwork repairs, and rough surfaces. If you notice any of these signs in your pavement in Kennesaw, it may be a good idea to contact a paving professional such as Athens-Atlanta Asphalt Co., Inc. We take pride in providing quality asphalt services for both residential and commercial clients. Contact us for a free quote today!