4 Paving Activities You Can Still Do In Winters Without Any Paving!

4 Paving Activities You Can Still Do In Winters Without Any Paving!

Asphalt is one of the most durable materials for pavement, but it needs a set of environmental & climatic conditions to get right. So, what can one do in the face of a crumbling pavement when it’s way below 50F in Roswell?

A few preparatory activities can be done to save time and develop a comprehensive spring paving plan. All you need is your trusty asphalt contractors, Athens-Atlanta Asphalt Co., Inc., by your side in the chilly months. Come spring, you will be able to resume your asphalt paving projects without any hiccups in materials, planning, and expenses.

1.  Book a Paving Contractor to Evaluate Your Asphalt Surfaces

While it’s still cold in beautiful Roswell, it should only be a detriment to asphalt paving, but not for the need for a pavement assessment. Parking lots, commercial & residential pavement; all are extensive areas of a facility that require proper care in the winter months. Suppose a facility manager has missed out on their fall maintenance for asphalt pavement, then they can still look forward to a pavement assessment that needs doing every 2-4 years.

The procedure requires a paving contractor to thoroughly document the damaged areas and decide the remedial actions needed to extend the life of the pavement.

2  Start Planning for Your spring 2022 Paving Budget.

Depending on the extent of damage evaluated on the pavement, funds are allocated for repair. Usually, facility managers keep a contingent amount utilized in the administrative areas if a pavement liability does not arise, so these funds are available for a robust budget. Your trusted paving contractor will design the most feasible plan to fix the pavement by spring.

3.  Long-Term Asphalt Maintenance & Repair Strategy

Expenses can rack up with aging pavement maintenance & rejuvenation, so it’s best to plan for the long term. Long-term budgets involve routine asphalt repairs & maintenance runs while allowing leeway for emergency repairs. Adequate budgets will also factor into account the materials involved. Maintenance is divided into objectives for resurfacing, restriping, overlays & full-depth repairs. Future growth of the asphalt coverage is also considered. Having a considerate & experienced paving contractor in your court will result in the best plan with contingent funds for your pavement.

4.  Upgrade Your Parking Lots to ADA Compliance

ADA compliances need refreshing every year. Streetscape & parking lot elements must be inspected for visibility, convenience, & utility. Sometimes area codes for ADA compliance can change, and it’s imperative to upgrade your asphalt facilities as soon as possible. Winters are an ideal time to assess the state of the handicapped & parking lot markings, the ramps, railings, and signage. The audit is then supplemented with a plan for corrective action.

Athens-Atlanta Asphalt Co., Inc are the experts to trust during the paving off-season in Roswell, GA. We deliver turn-key solutions to extend your asphalt’s lifespan & boost the curb appeal.

It’s never too late to begin your non-paving paving projects now. Book us for a consult and get free quotes on services you require for your facility.

Time is of the essence!