3 Innovations In Pavement Marking Materials

3 Innovations In Pavement Marking Materials

Pavement marking materials are an essential part of roadway safety. Whether for delineating lanes, indicating hazards, or alerting drivers to other road users like pedestrians and bicyclists, pavement markings play a crucial role in keeping traffic flow efficient and everyone safe.

The world of pavement marking materials has seen a lot of changes in recent years. With innovations like reflective thermoplastic and high-intensity prismatic (HIP) paint, it’s now possible to keep roads safer than ever before. This blog post explores some of these recent developments and what they mean for you as a driver. You can get high-quality results when you hire professional companies like Athens Atlanta for your pavement marking project.

1. Reactive Line Markings

A road stretching 500m in the Netherlands implemented the creative idea of eliminating street lights and replacing them with a glow that emanates from dark paint on line-markings. The markings glow when a car’s headlights shine on them, and they can even emit light in fog or rain. This makes it easier for drivers to stay safe and reduces the need for streetlights that are costly to maintain.

Reactive thermoplastic is also being used around roadsides to create illuminated line-markings at night. These lines have been designed with built-in sensors that detect approaching cars from both directions. They turn on only when needed during low visibility conditions such as darkness, misty weather, or dry road surfaces where painted lines might not be visible enough. This innovative use of pavement marking materials helps keep everyone safe without extra cost by expanding existing infrastructure instead of building new ones.

2. Solid White and Yellow Lines

Many states and private properties creatively use the traditional solid white and yellow lines to meet their requirements. Some states use these lines to indicate parking spaces for trucks or workers, while others use lane dividers.

Solid white and yellow lines have always been the most commonly used pavement markings across all types of roads because they’ve proven to be effective in different weather conditions throughout the year, including rain and snow. They show up clearly no matter what time of day it is with good visibility even at night due to increased reflectivity by unique reflective beads applied on top of paint coatings. This makes solid white and yellow line marking materials handy during winter months, where low sun angles can decrease road visibility significantly.

3. Durable Pavement Marking

Modern pavement markings are renowned for being more durable than their traditional counterparts from a few decades ago. Conventional paint coatings, for example, have been tested for fading after just one year of exposure at high traffic areas where they are exposed to constant abuse from vehicle tires and environmental conditions such as UV radiation from the sun.

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