Large areas of cracked and deteriorating asphalt pavement are most efficiently restored by overlaying them with a one to two inch lift of a state-of-the-art flexible asphalt pavement mix known as Perma-Flex. This unique mix, developed by Jim Dykes of Norcross, Ga., is designed to bridge cracks and prevent them from "reflecting" through into the new pavement. It can also increase the strength of your pavement. Perma-Flex has been widely used on numerous large-scale repair jobs with phenomenal results, and it is ideal for large pavement repair jobs in the Southeast.

This paving crew is installing asphalt binder at Cameron Northpoint Apartments so that framing crews can start framing buildings. The topping will be applied after the buildings have been completed.After the Perma-Flex paving has been applied and compacted, a one-inch wearing course of surface mix is placed over the

Athens-Atlanta Asphalt is a Certified Installer of Perma-Flex pavement.

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Perma-flex - Authorized Company
We are proud of being a Perma-flex authorized company.
Perma-flex - Authorized Company


I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all the work performed during our "Big Red" nationwide renovation. The repairs and sealcoating of all of our Atlanta lots weredone in a professional manner... [Read more]

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